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  • Once you have chosen your motorhome or camper van, prior to being able to drive it away, unfortunately you will need to pay for it! We accept all the normal methods of payment such as debit cards (charges now apply), building society cheques, bankers drafts, electronic bank transfer, or cash (levels appropriate to legislation). However, we have found that many of our customers prefer to finance their motorhome allowing them to stick to a comfortable monthly budget.

    So, we have teamed up with a variety of leading finance providers to offer some …

  • Motorhomes and camper vans are a big investment and from experience we strongly recommend a specialist insurance company to protect your new holiday home. 'Caravan Guard' and 'Safeguard' are two such companies and we have dealt with them for many years. They will suggest the best policy for your needs, as they tailor insurance around how and where your vehicle will be used. This will give you practical cover that benefits your needs with options such as annual mileage discounts, continental cover and much more... …

  • Whether you want to hire a motorhome for attending festivals or sporting events, going on a golfing tour or family holiday or to experience holidaying in a motorhome before buying one, we recommend Solar Motorhome Hire. 


    Visit their website at or call them on 01202 632488.

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